Interior design

We understand that the design of spaces is a holistic process, both in terms of the space which is going to be renovated and the surrounding areas, which must also be taken into account.

When people decide to renovate a space, it is because the needs and tastes of the people who live or work in it evolve. It is important to bear in mind that those needs are always different. We help you adapt private homes, premises, warehouses, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, terraces, swimming pools, gardens… to the needs that arise at any given time.


Our technical team will devise a project and budget for all building, renovation and refurbishment works. Planning is fundamental. The order and duration of all stages will be detailed so that the different jobs can be done efficiently and in an orderly manner, respecting the established times and budget. Our staff will monitor all work in order to ensure that it is carried out as planned and within the agreed timeframes.

Functional design

The functionality of the spaces is one of the key points to consider when carrying out renovation work. At Amplitud Studio, we take it very seriously.
To achieve fully functional design, it is important to pay special attention to factors including circulation, ergonomics, lighting and storage stages. Circulation means how people move through space, while ergonomics refers to comfort and efficient use of space. Lighting is crucial to creating a welcoming atmosphere and setting the tone of a space, while storage is crucial to keeping the space organised.


At Amplitud Studio, we understand that visual messaging forms a large part of how we perceive our surroundings, which is why lighting is crucial in enjoying the spaces around us. Strength, distribution and its key features all influence our perception of spaces. We perform a personalised survey of our client’s lighting needs, verifying the number of connections and the best way to position them, while fully considering the usage and features of each room. We can offer you the best brands and solutions for each context.


At Amplitud Studio, we know that interior design can add personality and style to any space. From textiles to accessories and furniture, decoration can transform a space into a welcoming and inviting location.

Full project execution

At Amplitud Studio, in addition to carrying out all the planning of your home project, we take care of carrying out the execution of all works. Site visits will be made weekly with our team of technicians and property managers or owners to confirm that everything is going according to plan. In the event that a change has to be made, it will always be carried out with the agreement of the property owners or managers.

Budget planning and management

We elaborate a detailed budget with all the project features, outlining the materials chosen by each client and we then establish project timeframes. Once the budget is authorised, we promise to comply with the timeframes, quality and work that has been agreed upon.
Our technicians will meet with each client to explain each budget in detail, answering any questions they may have. We prepare the budget without any commitment and free of charge.
Once the budget is authorised, we will be delighted to share all of the details of every stage of the project with our clients, guiding them through every stage of the transformation of their spaces.

Construction management and supervision

In keeping with our philosophy of understanding construction and reform projects in a holistic way, it is very important to us that we ensure that projects are carried out in a sound way that complies with the original project plans. The management and supervision of the work is an essential point to ensure that the project is completed according to the deadlines, budget and quality established. Our technicians accompany the client at all times and supervise all stages of the work. We maintain communication with the client on a regular basis, offering personal and direct service to ensure that their expectations are met at all times.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Good kitchen and bathroom design is a factor when designing a home, since these spaces are of great importance in people's daily lives. We understand that these are two spaces that have to be expertly designed in order to ensure that they are functional, efficient and aesthetically attractive.
We offer custom-made furniture for both kitchens and bathrooms, with a wide range of materials, colours and textures. We have the best brands in taps, marble, ceramics and electrical appliances. As well as materials for walls, floors and lighting.

Sustainable design

At Amplitud Studio, we have a sustainable design approach which seeks to reduce environmental impact and improve people's quality of life. We focus on the use of sustainable materials and technologies, as well as energy efficiency and optimisation of resources.
Some examples of our sustainable design projects include the installation of solar panels to reduce electricity consumption, the use of rainwater, aerothermal heating systems and the proper management of waste on all of our sites.

Choice of materials and furniture

At Amplitud Studio, we base the choice of materials and furniture on a combination of aesthetic and practical aspects. We look for materials and furniture that adapt to the needs of each project, choosing in each case the one that best suits the style, budget and tastes of each client.