Building works

We specialise in offering high-quality construction and renovation services in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and the Maresme area

Our team brings together a group of expert technical personnel specialised in architecture and engineering, all of whom are professionals specialised in different types of construction and refurbishment. The ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive service which starts with design and goes right through to the completion of work, guaranteeing 100% alignment with your expectations.

We specialise in construction projects and the refurbishment of homes, a huge range of premises and warehouses. We offer personalised solutions to meet the needs of each client, ranging from a refurbishment of a part of the house, bathroom, living room, kitchen, terrace… to a complete building project starting with the purchase of the land. In addition, we comply with all regulations, safety and quality standards on all of our projects.

We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and needs. Our passion is offering exceptional service.
If you are looking for a professional team for your construction project in the Maresme area, do not hesitate to contact us.

Installation of solar panels

At present, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the installation of solar panels has multiplied both in single-family homes and in buildings. The installation of solar panels on our properties demonstrates significantly reduced electricity consumption while also helping in the global fight against polluting emissions. We offer an expert team that specialises in the installation of solar panels. We also look after all the necessary paperwork to ensure easy installation. We have a team of technicians who will help you understand what type of solar panels are the most suitable in each case, the ideal number of panels for your property and how to install them.


We offer you the wide knowledge and experience of our professionals. Our team will plan and design your entire new construction or refurbishment project in a fully holistic manner, based on your style and needs. We create practical, comfortable and attractive spaces.
We offer help in budgeting your project without any pressure or commitment to hire other services, preparation of the entire project, processing of the necessary permits, comprehensive monitoring of the work to guarantee the quality of both the materials and the execution of the work itself, and we always comply with the agreed budget and the estimated timeframes.

Soil movement

At Amplitud Studio, we offer all of the soil movement needed for the construction of a new building, for the renovation of a garden, construction of swimming pools, construction of retaining walls or any other kind of work.
We also manage all of the necessary paperwork processes in order to comply with regulations for excavation or movement of soil.

Foundational work

At Amplitud Studio we offer all kinds of foundation-based construction services: piles, micropiles, injection underpinning, anchors... Our technical team plans and installs the best solutions for each project’s foundations.


At Amplitud Studio we have several teams specialised in plastering with a wide range of diverse experience. We cover all the needs both in the construction and in the renovation of your home.
We work with high-quality materials, offering each client a wide variety of products and finishes to suit their needs. We ensure that the execution of plastering, tiling and other building works always complies with the established timeframes.


At Amplitud Studio we know that one of the most visible parts in a work or renovation is the flooring and groundwork, which is why we offer a wide variety of high-quality materials to choose from multiple styles, colours, and textures.


We put our extensive experience at your disposal both to design and produce the cladding in your new construction project and in the repair and rehabilitation of your existing cladding. We offer the best solutions on the market, both to achieve thermal insulation and to have maximum waterproofing on any type of building.


At Amplitud Studio we manage the installation of all the necessary facilities for your home with authorised installers. We offer electrical, plumbing, gas installation and phone/internet lines.


At Amplitud Studio we have wide expertise in a range of metalwork, for both functional and purely decorative projects. We use your ideas and our experience to achieve excellent results.
From manufacturing and installing safety railings to decorative features, our team has wide expertise in all types of metalwork. We can help you include unique and exclusive handmade artisan metal decorations that will make your home one of a kind.

Parquet flooring

At Amplitud Studio we offer a range of parquet floors for your home, using our expertise to offer help and advice throughout the process in order to fit the parquet flooring that best suits you and your home. We conduct a full comparison of designs, shapes and styles of wood for your parquet flooring.

Wooden doors

At Amplitud Studio we look after the planning, supply and fitting of all types of wooden doors. The doors can be adapted to the customer's tastes in terms of size and material and we offer the option of making custom doors with a huge range of materials and colours to choose from depending on your needs.

Paintwork and plaster boarding

At Amplitud Studio, we offer painting and plaster boarding. We help you choose from a diverse range of colours and techniques so that spaces adapt to your tastes and the overall aesthetics of your project.


We perform all kinds of glasswork. Our experts will advise you on what type of material is most suitable for each case. We offer the best brands and guarantees.

Aluminium work

At Amplitud Studio, we offer aluminium and PVC fittings, locks, glass curtains, sliding/moving roofs, bioclimatic pergolas, aluminium shutters, bathroom screens and a range of other features. We work with leading brands to offer long-lasting solutions with great thermal and acoustic insulation.

Furnishing and kitchens

At Amplitud Studio, we have years of experience in designing and manufacturing furnishings and kitchens. We put together all elements of the project, with the design of both the layout, as well as the furnishings, furniture and kitchen appliances.
We can design the furniture for the living room, bedrooms, wardrobes, closets and bathrooms, according to your tastes with the best materials and tailored according to your needs.


At Amplitud Studio, we understand that good lighting in the overall design of your home is crucial, which is why we specialise in finding the best lighting solutions for your home.
We carry out all the electrical installation and lighting fittings. We always take design and sustainability into account, in order to ensure that your rooms are perfectly lit.


At Amplitud Studio, we work with expert garden and pool designers to be able to transform the outside areas of your home to meet your needs. From the design to the choice of plants, adapting your project to specific options provided by each plot of land and local weather factors.

Home appliances

We are distributors of the main brands in the market. Our team has in-depth knowledge on the latest developments in the electrical appliance sector in order to offer the best options for each project. We have a huge range of electrical appliances.