We specialise in construction projects and the integral refurbishment of homes, industrial warehouses and a hugely diverse range of premises. We offer personalised solutions to meet the needs of each client, from a refurbishment of a part of the house, bathroom, living room, kitchen or terrace right through to a complete building project starting with help choosing a plot of land.

The decision to renovate a space arises when the needs and tastes of the people who live or work in it evolve and it is important that experts remember that these requirements are always different. We look after design, construction and refurbishment of a building project, providing all the resources to ensure a seamless process.

More about our people


Technical architect (UPC 1998)
Master’s in Project management for building and urban planning (2002)

Has spent his whole life working in the different phases of construction, ranging from specialised projects in different structures, industrial buildings, housing… He has worked at leading companies in the construction sector at a national level, and in interior design and furniture companies.
We start this project filled with enthusiasm, putting all the knowledge of these years into a new project offering a professional and personal way of building.


Law graduate specialist
Experience in the practice of law and in the real estate sector

I contribute my knowledge of the world of law and the real estate sector by looking after administrative, financial and accounts management tasks.


Site manager

25 years of experience on site. Specialised in construction and plumbing work. He has wide experience in managing and supervising teams.